Why do we travel?

No matter how divisive and polarized the world gets, there are some things that virtually anyone enjoys. If you ask a thousand people if they like music, most if not all of them will say they do. Of course their tastes in music are dramatically different, and one man’s trash is another man’s Kanye West,... Continue Reading →

Pledoarie pentru recunoștință

O caracteristică definitorie a omului certat cu succesul e tendința de a da vina pe un factor exterior persoanei lui, ca o justificare pentru propriile eșecuri. Am avut ghinion, a avut ăla noroc, ne-a furat arbitru', Popescu are pile și de aia a fost promovat și așa mai departe. Și când toate astea nu sunt... Continue Reading →

Is Capitalism a Humane System?

Before attempting to answer the question, we must first define the terms. What does „humane” mean? The dictionary describes it as „having or showing compassion or benevolence”, a definition that immediately raises the assumption that humans are compassionate and benevolent. Idealistic as that sounds, evolutionary biology firmly contradicts that assumption. Humans, like all mammals and,... Continue Reading →

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