Gender fluidity is a social construct

Gender isn’t what it used to be 10 years ago and more genders appear every day. If this statement seems odd, considering we’re all products of evolution and a decade is less than a drop in the ocean compared to the millions of years it took us to get here, you would have a point. However, nowadays if you say those words anywhere in the Western world you’ll be instantly branded a bigoted ignorant at best and a Nazi at worst.

Google announced that its new Artificial Intelligence tool will not use the words “him” and “her” anymore because, their product manager said, gender is  “a big, big thing” to get wrong. This comes two years after Canada passed its C-16 bill, making it mandatory for people to be called by their preferred gender pronouns. These “preferred gender pronouns” can be made-up words like Ze or Zer and ” Ze is a writer and wrote that book zirself” is apparently an actual sentence.

The premise for all this is the idea that gender is nothing more than a social construct, meaning that the traditional roles of men and women in society have been deeply ingrained to us through our culture and have no genetic base whatsoever. According to the same set of theories, gender is a spectrum and there are a virtually infinite number of genders. Not only is your gender apparently unique, but there are also people who claim to be “genderfluid”, meaning that they constantly change genders and can be more genders at a time.

Who contradicts these theories? Activists and political pressure make sure that fewer and fewer people will come out and say these are fundamentally wrong, but reality doesn’t really care about your political agenda or desire to be unique. The so-called gender roles can be observed in all cultures and all civilizations throughout all periods of time in history and also in animals, putting a big dent in the whole “social construct” theory. Biology contradicts it too, as there are clear biological differences in the brains and bodies of men and women.

Although seemingly there are many genders, the people claiming to neither be a man nor a woman are oddly alike. Ideologically, the vast majority of them seem to align with the same ideas, negating any form of hierarchy based on competence and firmly believing in the concept of intersectionality, which is essentially ranking the value of a person in direct proportion to the level of perceived oppression that their particular race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation group has endured throughout history.
Appearance-wise, they also look more similar between each other than the “traditional” genders that they claim are made up by society. In their quest to be special they use artificial gimmicks such as bright-colored hair dye, face piercings, and tattoos, while at the same time being very fashion-conscious.

To summarize, on one hand, you have the “socially constructed” traditional genders and on the other hand, you have completely subjective, interchangeable, and replaceable so-called genders where everyone has the same opinion on every social and political issue and use artificial enhancements to alter their appearance. One seems created by natural evolution and the other seems to be the product of society. Which is which? It depends on who you ask, because the truth is also starting to be a social construct.

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