I was born in 1984, in a Communist Romania that looked and felt disturbingly close to current North Korea. As a child, I was exposed to both the horrors of Communism, but also to the poverty, confusion, and abuse of the post-Communist years. However, I was lucky enough to have had a family that made sure I had everything I needed to properly develop as an individual.

As an adult, I got my Bachelor’ Degree in Economics and over the past 10 years, I worked in various companies throughout Europe, the US, Canada, and Africa. American economics and politics have always been very important to me because it is my firm belief that anything happening in the US has a ripple effect that stretches all over the globe.

People now get for free what they used to pay for and that has ruined music, movies, and journalism. The rise of the Internet has killed the integrity of the press and now once-respected publications have to resort to partisan views and political angles to get their funding. The blog is an already ancient practice in Internet terms, but unbiased writing is needed now more than ever.

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